There is no doubt
That every parent wishes
For their child to succeed
And outshine everyone else.

But there are moments
When we know
It is impossible to achieve
What they want.

They often point out
Articles in newspapers
Of young award recipients
And high achievers.

“Look at him,
Look at her,
They’re getting this
And you’re just here.”

Those words fail
To inspire me,
Only succeeding
In disheartening me.

Of course I want to
Make them proud
And hear their praises
With smiles on their faces.

I too want to
Let them see
Me going up the stage
To collect a medal or trophy.

I too want to
Be remembered
As a confident speaker
Or a selfless martyr.

I’m not that scholar
With straight As,
Neither am I gifted
In any instrument I play.

I’m not that neighbour,
That distant relative,
Or that colleague’s daughter,
For they are not me.

Every child is different,
So why can’t you see
Stop comparing our abilities
For they are not me.