There are certain moments
When your mind is in a whirl.
A hurricane of emotions,
Blowing you away.

A state of confusion and frustration,
Where you cannot comprehend
What to do,
How to feel.

How you wish you could somewhat
Fish up the emotions one by one,
Sorting them out neatly,
To maintain an orderly manner.

But the hurricane rages on,
Shutting all possible escape routes,
Trapping you,
Rendering you helpless.

How you pray for a miracle,
For peace and stability,
So that things go back to normal,
And life goes on.

For the world seems to crumble
While you try to run from the debris,
Running faster and faster,
But they seem to be catching up.

The spinning emotions
Making you dizzy,
The blinking bright lights
Aggravating your situation.

Yet if you close your eyes,
And take a deep breath,
Those thoughts may be washed away,
Overtaken by a wave of calmness.

It may be a dead end,
But if you look up,
You may see
A rope leading you out to safety.

Panic urges emotions forward,
But only a clear mind can defend
Against a monster
Like the hurricane of emotions.