railway tracks

On a train ride home
Sitting next to two teenage girls
Can’t help listening in
To their somewhat entertaining

Across them are three
Middle-aged women
Chatting away
In another language,
Probably just some
Ordinary auntie gossip.

On my right
Is a middle-aged man
On the phone,
Unknowingly shouting
To his friend
In a dialect
I sadly don’t understand.

Directly in front of him
Is yet another middle-aged woman,
Speaking on the phone
In yet another dialect
Though not as loudly.

Now a women has entered,
Sitting right across me.
It’s kind of funny
How she’s just like me,
Here by herself
With no-one to talk to
So she awkwardly looks around.

Amidst the clash of conversations,

It struck me
What a coincidence!
People with similar situations
Sitting right across one another
Like a state of parallels.