sailing ship

I embarked on this journey
With much fear
As I stood at the dock,
The startlingly similar acronyms
Clouded my mind
With horrifying memories.

As the silhouette of the ship appeared,
I held my breath
Who would be my crew?
I prayed that this time
Would be better.

Seeing the list,
I heaved a sigh of relief
As I boarded the ship
That marked the start
Of a great journey.

It has been tough for all of us,
With those rough waves
Threatening to hurl us over,
All those tears blurring your vision,
That burning frustration,
Wanting to curse the whole wide world.

We have spent countless hours
Thinking and fishing for ideas,
Trying to squeeze out whatever
Creative juices we have,
Weaving in evaluations to sound refined.

We have stayed up late
Battling to keep awake
Finishing work that would be due
Sometimes struggling to fall asleep
From a stubbornly brightly awake mind,
Then getting seemingly dead on one’s feet
The following day.

There were moments which irked me,
Nothing is perfect after all
But thank you for being
Such a wonderful crew.

I will remember
Our so-called meetings
Leading to gossip sessions
Filled with laughter,
All those fun times.

It’s been a tough and tiring journey,
But today marks the official end
As we submit the file of our pride
And get off from the ship,
Our Happily Ever After is here.