It may seem superficial
How we use money
To buy us happiness,
To make ourselves feel better.

While others may choose
To indulge themselves
In good food,
I beg to differ.

Food, no matter how
Tumblr or Instagram-worthy,
Will end up in our stomachs
And come out as waste one day.

On the other hand,
Finding clothes or items you like
Especially on a sale
Is a pleasant surprise.

While dining is a choice,
Shopping is up to sheer luck.

Happiness comes
From finding a top
To match a skirt
You love but have nothing
To go with it.

Elation arrives
When you find a pair of nice shoes,
The remaining of its kind
On sale and just your size,
Like it’s been waiting for you.

Euphoria is
Finally getting a long-awaited album
After weeks of dejection
Hearing the dreaded
“Sorry, it’s out of stock.”

After all,
Satisfaction purrs
From an unexpectedly successful shopping trip
Especially one you’ve been dragged into
By none other than your mom.