The plethora of information
Churning out towards us
Choking in the heat
Feigning a smile
Despite the question marks
Floating in my mind.

Fidgeting again and again,
Pretending to look
Especially interested
In note-taking.

Energy bar falling
From fully charged green
To intermediate orange
Then alarming red.

II. (A few hours later)
Was it a moment
Of miscommunication,
A state of confusion,
That caused all this?

Here for another round
Of sitting and listening
This time a repetition
And additional elaboration
Of what has already been said.

Her soft and gentle voice
Flowing and mingling
Together with the background
A mere addition
To the projector humming
And the occassional
Sounds from the traffic outside.

Here for another round
Of concentration
Diligently jotting down notes
Or at least pretending to do so.

Scribbling lyrics
Doodling swirls and flowers
Outlining logos
On the paper provided,
All with a serious face
Of a focused student.

Turning around
To observe the others
Hiding a smirk
When they are all
Doing the same.