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The sudden entrance
Of a lone but distinct individual,
Many heads turned
To see the uninvited guest,
The bold arrival
A much more interesting issue
Than the seminar that was going on.

The speaker continued,
(If he was aware of the disruption,
He did not show it)
While he spoke full of conviction,
He had unknowingly lost a battle
Of the control of the minds
Of the large group of students.

The darkly dressed intruder
Stood high above
On her personal perch,
Occasionally calling out
Sensing no opposition,
Creating hushed chatter
Among the audience.

Her piercing gaze
As she curiously turns to look around
The crowd sitting below her,
With a look of triumph
Knowing she was the only one
Who had complete control
And freedom of flight.

The whole seminar was a mere
Performance to her amusement,
Her chirps and calls
A display of mockery towards
The panellist’s vain attempts
And exaggerated hand gestures
To capture the audience’s attention.

Head cocked to a side,
Eyes bright and sharp,
Perched on a ceiling lamp
Was the uninvited guest
Yet star of the day,
The black mynah.