Responsibility chains me down,
Locked in a cage called life.
Duty that constrains me
As I reach out, albeit in vain,
Towards the endless sky.

I watch the doves with envy,
Flying so freely,
Singing so cheerfully,
Without a care in the world.

If I had the strength,
I would break out of this prison
And soar towards the blue sky
Of promised blissful freedom,
Before anyone catches me,
And hurls me back.

Time ticks breeding anxiety,
Pressure weighs me down
Like a cold, hard boulder,
Rooting me to reality.

I have enough to survive
But not what I need to live;
Or perhaps I have too much
That I cannot tangle away from.

Give me the sacred key
To unlock me from this cursed world,
Before this mental furnace
Burns me to ashes.