The tornado spins
Grabbing all those within
Its reach –
The darkness at its core
Eyeing whatever it saw –
Innocent victims,
Coincidental passers-by, 
All framed guilty.       

Prisoners sent to the gallows,
A flock of passing swallows
Called out in helpless pity     
For the tornado offers no mercy.

Alas, arrived the jury
Challenging the tornado’s fury. 
Bombarded by questions
It changed its expression,       
Persistent retaliation
Turned pointless rebellion.

Justice prevails,
As the tornado unveils
Guilt and Jealousy,
Who had a tendency 
Of playing the game
Of pushing the blame.

Red with shame
With no one to name, 
The Tornado stood  
Covered in chains
In the relentless rain.

Broken and lost,
It shouldered the cost –
Repentance is made,
Evil is slayed.