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Dig a hole and hide yourself
Or at least your head,
Like the ostriches do.

It may look preposterous
But the world itself is monstrous,
So be careful, little one.

Live life freely while you can,
Soon you will learn of the identity
Of the world’s most horrifying creatures.

Silently they approach
Cleverly masking their presence,
Safely hidden from sight.

Harmless they may seem
Like furry squirrels
Scampering up a tree.

Fascinating they may be
Like the mythical white tigers
And the majestic soaring eagles.

Beautiful they may look
Like exotic creatures
Gleaming in the sunlight.

But looks are deceiving.

At that unexpected moment,
With one swift strike
The oblivious prey
Was taken down, dead.
The adder’s eyes glinted
In pure satisfaction,
Its hunger fulfilled,
Its revenge taken.

There is never an issue
Of being too cautious,
But being too gullible.
Look out my dear child,
These snakes are lurking in the shadows –

I would like to thank the talented Maira for nominating me for The Quote and a Bonus Poem Challenge! I’m truly honoured to be able to participate in this. I hope this poem is not too dark to start off this challenge haha.

My nominees for Day 1 are:

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The rules for this challenge are:

1. Each day for three consecutive days post a quote (any quote – you can even come up with your own) and a poem to accompany it.

2. On each day nominate 3 bloggers for the challenge.

3. Don’t forget to thank the blogger who nominated you! 🙂