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I had enough
Of rushing for ridiculous deadlines
That apparently everyone gave up on
And stopped bothering to adhere to.

Should I have even bothered?
Exasperated that I had to change
Things I spent hours on
Just because of a single order.

I am tired
Of rushing for last minute appointments
Made far worse
By the betrayal of my shoes.

I am a volcano
Reaching the point of erupting –
The next thing that irks me
Will set off that ticking time bomb.

I had enough
Of rushing for time.
I no longer care
For it does not matter.

I will take a stroll
Instead of running,
For my sanity holds priority
Over anything else.

I will listen to music
And look at pleasant things
And cure myself
With the healing magic of ice cream.

After all,
You may not be in control
Of the ways of the world,
But you are the driver
Of your own feelings.

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Once again, thank you mairacharmed for nominating me for this challenge!

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