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Source: cherrybomb0388.deviantart.com

Source: cherrybomb0388.deviantart.com

The sheer disbelief upon reading the message
Made me convince myself that it as some mistake,
So I ignored it hoping it could hide the truth
And things would be the same again.

Hours later I received a call
Hearing sobbing that confirmed my fear –
It was true.
But it was so sudden –
What? How? Why?
Overwhelmed by shock,
I could not even think,
Nor were my emotions
How they were supposed to be.

I sincerely apologise
That my mind was blank
When giving my respects.
I sincerely apologise
That I was distracted by thoughts of work
Throughout the rituals.

I did not shed a tear
Until my emotions finally caught up with me
A few days later,
A few days too late.

We were not exactly close,
You were there,
Despite the lack of conversations
And mere greetings between us.
You were there,
You were –
But now, this emptiness hangs over us all.

Rest in peace, Uncle.