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They speak of leaves of every hue:
Red, orange, yellow too.
But no matter how far I gaze,
I can only see haze.

They speak of the lovely scent of fall
How I wish I could have that all.
But here, the dust within the breeze
Would only make one wheeze.

“Oh Mr Haze please leave,
For only then can we humans finally breathe.”
Even so, you ignore our pleas,
Treating us like repulsive fleas.

Can’t you hear the coughing
Of children who should be carefree and laughing?
Does the sight of people hiding indoors in fear
Give you the right to behave as king here?

Look Mr Haze, you’ve had enough fun,
So be satisfied and off you go, run.
What is this, a rebellious phase?
Let me tell you now, this is not your place.