The questions grew piercing eyes,
Taunting me.
The passages were various mazes
That entrapped me within.

The gears in my mind were rusted.
My eyes danced around the page,
From corner to corner,
Line to line,
While my brain was exploring outer space.

The questions threatened me,
Grabbing me by the collar,
Demanding that I
Craft inferences from the passages
With my blank mind.

Inferences –
The dreaded word
That makes my heart
Cower in fear just hearing it.

While my classmates fired
Arrow after arrow,
Most being right on target,
I didn’t even own
An arrow to call my own.

On the rare occasions
I decide to muster some courage,
My arrows were shot down
By my teacher within a second.

A mere lesson is like
A strenuous training of the mind.
It does not help at all
With my consciousness in the clouds
Drifting between the forces of sleep
And the cruel tormenting reality.

Evaluation was another obstacle,
The one guarding the door
Preventing me from getting past.
Dressed in its steely, intimidating armour
It raised its spear towards me,
Holding me back from my goal.

Yet I cannot succumb to this fear.
I will burn down the mazes,
Push the guard away
And charge my way into
The haven of success.

Scare me if you want,
But I will not be afraid.