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He thought he was well hidden
Until one told another,
And the other caught the attention
Of the rowdy ones.

Provoked, he took off,
Admist the laughter of some,
The piercing shrieks
Of a particular row
(Oh how he hated
That unnecessary commotion.)

What he wanted, really
Was just a little rest
Yet the darkness erupted
Into glaring lights,
And the beautiful silence
Shattered during the invasion.

So what if he wasn’t one of them?
So what if he had patterns?
(Why, he was even proud of them!)
A tiger earns its stripes –
They should be envious of him.

They speak with horrified expressions,
Commenting about his size.
He isn’t even that big…
Have they ever looked at themselves?

Humans, the tree lizard concluded,
Really are brainless things.