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The bulk of the stress is gone,
Content heavy subjects out of the way.
But before the birds can burst out in song,
The very last door stays.

Free, but not really
A few days of relaxation
A bit of revival with anime
Like drops of condensation
Before reality seeps through.

Fight the urge of procrastination –
It’s time to take action.
Less content and more skills-based
Doesn’t mean that there’s time to waste.

Free, but not really
Time to get back to the books
Before it’s time to be guilty
For all the lost time I took
By a tight slap of reality.

A few days later
Marks the very last battle.
A few days later
That’s when you’ll see.
A few days later
I’ll rightfully be free.

5 Day Photo/ Story Challenge Day 1

Thank you InfiniteZip for nominating me for the 5 Day Photo/ Story Challenge!  Check out her lovely poetry in her blog, Peace, Love and Patchouli! https://zipsrid.wordpress.com/2015/10/07/hollow-dreams-and-the-loss-of-words/

Post a picture each day for five consecutive days. Attach a story to accompany
*can be fiction / non-fiction
*poem / short paragraph
*each day nominate another blogger

I took this photo in the National Museum of Singapore a few months ago. I planned to start this challenge on a day I can actually start posting on 5 consecutive days, but that would be the day when I would finally be free, so it would not be suitable for this poem to be published then. Also, I know that my recent poems do not have any pictures since I could not find any appropriate ones, so here’s one to go with this challenge. Nevertheless, InfiniteZip did mention that sporadic posting is fine with her, so please excuse me if I don’t complete this challenge on consecutive days!

I nominate Original-Dante for this challenge! Visit his blog at  https://originaldante.wordpress.com/