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Relieved from the burden
I’ve been carrying for months,
I walked the same path home
This time without a rush.

The birds sitting on the trees
Celebrated my joy with me
“Welcome home,” they sang,
Right now you’re finally free!”

The grass was
A beautiful shade of green
Healthy with days of sunshine and rain
As I walked past, I caught a glimpse of their grin.

The tiny lavender wild flowers
Swayed in the wind
They had been there all the time
But in my usual haste, they hid unseen.

It is only
When we take our eyes off the asphalt ground
That we notice
How nature has always been around.


5 Day Photo/ Story Challenge Day 3

InfiniteZip nominated me for the 5 Day Photo/ Story Challenge. Visit her blog, Peace, Love and Patchouli!

Post a picture each day for five consecutive days. Attach a story to accompany
*can be fiction / non-fiction
*poem / short paragraph
*each day nominate another blogger

This photo was actually taken in school after one of my exams a few weeks ago, with the help of my friend, Han Au since my phone was switched off at that time. Right now, my A Levels are finally over, which explains the bird imagery and calls of freedom. I thought of this yesterday on the way home from school, but I couldn’t come up with any words except for the last stanza. I usually rush home but I had a nice walk home admiring the plants near the pavement despite the hot sun. This made me realise that sometimes, we should really take a break and see what nature has to offer.

My nominee for Day 3 is Moondustwriter. Check out her inspiring posts at http://moondustwriter.com