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She felt like a peasant
Who had unknowingly
Stepped into the rich man’s land.

Pulling the door open she entered,
Her heart quivering slightly
As she was met with glances
Of those who sat comfortably there.

The exquisite aroma of coffee
Did little to soothe her,
Only successfully adding to her unease.

It wasn’t her first time
At such a place,
But it was the first time
She ever bought something there.

It wasn’t her task that bothered her,
But perhaps the fact that
She was ordering so much food
Which weren’t for her,
And paying with so much money
That wasn’t hers.

She tried to be sophisticated
In her ordering,
But mass ordering
Has always gotten her tongue-tied.

While waiting her eyes
Darted around the area-
The coffee beans on display,
Groups of people with their laptops
In the middle of hushed discussions,
Hearing others’ orders,
The strong aroma of coffee
That filled the entire cafe.

“Girl! Miss! Miss!”
She snapped out of her daze
Seeing an increasingly impatient
Staff holding and waving two bags.

Flushed with embarrassment
She mumbled an apology
While grabbing the bags
And rushing off from the piercing stares.

Three muffins, three cakes
One girl, one task,
Thousands of mistakes.