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I’m sitting at a cross junction,
I can’t feel my brain function.
I don’t know where I’m going
Or where this road will be leading.

My mind is getting in a whirl,
My vision is starting to be blur.
I can’t even hear my thoughts
With all this noise running about.

Should I just charge ahead,
Or should I take a turn instead?
And would that be left or right –
Which one makes my future bright?

I’m stuck in a traffic jam,
I’ve forgotten where I am.
All around me I can see
Troubled people just like me.

Up ahead Time the train is chugging,
In my mind the strings are tugging.
Interest happily gears up the engine
But Practicality blasts out with honking.

I thought that studying was such a pain,
But now this choice is driving me crazy again.
Children, children, play while you can,
At least you don’t have to worry ’bout your future plans.

I can feel my thoughts circle,
My nails are now turning purple.
I don’t know what will be the future me,
I’m still a kid unprepared for a degree.

Gradually the traffic is easing,
More people driving away and leaving.
How do they make up their minds so fast?
I still don’t know which path to trust.

Then again, delay and it might be too late.
I shall follow my instincts then leave it up to fate.