Tension –
Waiting, waiting, waiting
Time ticks so slowly
Daily checks of the inbox
But no responses received.

Fear –
Maybe I made the wrong choice
Maybe the rankings are wrong
Maybe I would end up
With something I wouldn’t like
But I can’t change them anymore.

Anxiety –
It’s no longer within my control anymore.
I wish I could have been firmer
And decide that I was what I wanted.
Instead this fragile heart
Crumples in constant worry.

Perhaps realism is my downfall.

The rain pours,
The skies roar with thunder and lightning.
Yet it is in this thunderstorm
That I feel the calmness of my heart.

The wind blew open
The constrained windows of my mind,
Offering me wisdom of possibilities,
Washing away my clouded vision.

I believe in destiny.
I believe that whatever it is I get,
I will make it the best for me.