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I waited and waited, and now it came.
But the past and present are never the same.
I thought my eyes would light up
And that I would jump up
In joy that it was what I wanted.

It was what I wanted,
Since two years ago.
It seemed so prestigious,
It was my goal.
But now that I made it,
I don’t feel that way anymore.

It makes me proud to say that
My mind is finally crystal clear.
Gone is the past despair,
Gone is the disappointment.
I finally have it all figured out.

My heart has been heavy these days
But now I feel the breeze in my hair,
The warmth of the sun’s rays,
The lightness of my steps.

That is not to say
That everything will be easy.
No, I see
The twists and turns of my path,
The high hills and steep stumps –
Life is a game of Snakes and Ladders.

It will be challenging.
The heavy workload,
The quest for opportunities,
The deadly competition.

I may not get what I want.
I may fall behind in the marathon,
And see others thrive and shine
In areas I wanted but lost.

It may be, but
I made it this far.
I know, and I believe
I have the power to succeed.

It’s going to another game
Of Snakes and Ladders,
And I’m gonna make it to the top.