​Bought a new laptop
But got a new regret
I had walked into the shop
With my mind all set
But got myself persuaded
And chose something else instead.

Wanted something light,
But this is heavier
Doesn’t help at all
When the one accompanying
Asks irrelevant questions
And let me deal with deciding.

I need to get back
Some of that stubborness
That keeps me from
Blindly agreeing from others.

Now another irritating matter here
Need to install Microsoft Office
But it isn’t working.
Already installed Java but
The website disagrees.

Tried the same thing many times
Waited so long for it to load
Feel like throwing everything
Yet this is too expensive to be thrown.

Downloading Microsoft Office
Was supposed to be free
But I guess that’s the trick:
Free things really don’t come easily.

Mad at this situation,
Mad at stupid systems
Mad at everything,
Mad at mostly me.